San Rafael High School Alumni Association
San Rafael High School Alumni Association
San Rafael High School
The Oldest High School In Marin County
Since 1888
San Rafael High School Hymn
From the shores of San Francisco Bay
To Pacific's mighty swell
Let the echoes ring,
As we proudly sing
Through the years ahead thy fame will grow
In our hearts thy precepts dwell
And along life's way
We'll resound thy praise
San Rafael City Schools was established by City Charter in 1861. San Rafael's first public school was located in a building at the corner of 4th & B Streets that previously held The San Rafael Institute, a private school.
The first public school building in San Rafael remained the only public school in Marin for years. However as San Rafael's population increased, so did the amount of public schools.
In 1888, Marin's first public high school was opened in one room in the building on B Street. Over ten years later, in 1899, a separate high school building on E Street was built to meet the needs of high school students. Then in 1924, San Rafael High School moved to its current location on Mission in Central San Rafael.
San Rafael High School still stands on Mission Ave. in San Rafael, covering 33 acres of land and serving around 1000 students.
The current campus contains:
An Administration building.
A Liberal Arts building.
A Music building.
An Industrial Arts & Art building.
A Science building.
A Cafeteria and Food Services building which also houses the District's Continuation High School.
An Auxiliary building.
And a Gym Complex with various sporting fields and courts.
Two San Rafael City School District Bond Measures passed in 1999 and 2002 to upgrade all the facilities at San Rafael High School. Mass upgrades have been made.
The school has been upgraded with new facilities and equipment to meet the demands of education today. It is a state of the art learning facility.

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SRHS Established in 1888 - the oldest high school serving Marin County