San Rafael High School Alumni Association
San Rafael High School Alumni Association
The San Rafael High School Alumni Association provides scholarships to graduating seniors who meet specific requirements, apply and are selected by a selection committee as scholarship winners. The number of winners and amounts of the scholarship reward vary annually.
To apply for the San Rafael High School Alumni Association Scholarship students must:
  • Have a relative who is an alumni of San Rafael High School
  • Be a graduating senior planning to attend a 4 year or 2 year college or accredited trade school in the fall graduation
  • Complete an application form, typed or printed neatly in black ink
  • Submit a transcript of their grades, including their GPA and have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA overall
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a school staff member that knows the student well and can give specific examples about them
In addition to meeting the above requirements students must answer the following:
1. Where do you plan to continue your education?
2. List your interests, talents and community service participation.
3. Write a brief statement expressing your future aspirations.
4. Describe one experience that occurred at SRHS that has been meaningful to you and explain why.
5. List your alumni relative(s) who have attended SRHS (Circle alumni relative you will be writing about).
6. How alumni relative has influenced my life.
"The Alumni Association will hold a scholarship open for no longer than two school years. If we have not heard from the scholarship winner by the end of the first school year, we will notify them that they have one more school year to claim it. At the end of the second school year, the scholarship will be voided."

Listed below are the SRHS Allumni Association scholarship recipients:




Sarah Williams

Isabella Sophia Bowler

Byron Rolando Calderon Cifuentes

Kailin Dalpino

Sarah Dupree

Emily La

Daneidy Mazarlegos Cifuentes

Mikayla McCulley

Lesvia O. Munoz Mazariegos

Demetris Nguyen

Hanna Nguyen




Aisling Swayne  (Dean Tibbott Alumni Scholarship)

Luz Mariela Diaz Rodriquez  (Class of 1959 Alumni Scholarship)

Isabelle Allen

Jonah Bauer

Ellie Brode

Jackson Johns

Vincent Muschi




Lucinda Gebbie    (Dean Tibbott Alummi Scholarship)

Catherine Magaly Avalos

Fatima Lissette Ayala Cortez

Caitlin Chow-Ise

Sindy Guevara

Tia Luu

Roberd Eduardo Mella Arreaga

David Alexander Mejia Garcia

Barry Nguyen




John Brode  (Dean Tibbott Alumni Scholarship)

Shae Daly

Bibi Mazariegos 

Maggie O'Dell

Vivian Rodas

Mariana Sanchez Aldana Iniguez




Colleen Conradi

Ellie Bauer

Fatima Hernandez

Lesly Mazariego Tecun

Joselin Salinas

Veronica Zelaya




Remy Bogdanovich
Vanessa Gilles
Maggie Rose Pullinger
Guadalupe Sanchez
Jackelyn Ucan



Rosa Menjivar
Sierra Murphy
Yoselin Mora Pantoja
Marvin Barrios Rodas
Natalie Vaziri



Gianna Ciaccio
Khushboo Jain
Anika Kumar

Jonathan Kaufman
Hunter Murphy
Monica Rivera
Elvis Huinac
Joy Sooksiri Lin
Vanessa Springer
Zephan McIntyre-Bader
Abigail Cadelina
Andrew Beckerman
Peter A - the Daniel-Loveless Scholarship
Matthew Klein
Adriana Lovo
Brett Jaeger

Nancy Phung

Sindy Smart

Javier Espinoza

Kimball Kaufman
Alex Klein
Kelsey Ripp

Moyukh Ghosh

Denisha Brekke

Sarah McGrath


Keri McNeill

Gina Terzino

Melissa Spicer


Meghan McGrath

Kelly Gorton

Brandon Hoye


Stephanie Spicer

Annalise Ambrosi

Jordon Herley


Sara Zerbib

Daniel Leroux


Melissa Guthrie

Brianna Jang



Celeste Leroux

Amalia Rothschild


Le Hang Au

Connor Kamada



Elizabeth Williams

Molly Rynbrandt

Nick Christensen

Nicole Hajek


Two scholarships were awarded


Kate Coleman

Jeff Robinson



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