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San Rafael High School Alumni Association
The Hall of Honor was established in 2009 to pay tribute to individuals who have made contributions to San Rafael High through various channels, including having had a positive impact on students; improved the quality of San Rafael High school; contributed time and energy to the betterment of San Rafael High; are a positive reflection on the school or have made a valuable contribution to society.
To be inducted into the Hall of Honor, individuals must be nominated and must meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Have had a positive impact on students
  • Improved the quality of San Rafael High School
  • Contributed time and energy to the betterment of San Rafael High School
  • Are a positive reflection on San Rafael High School
  • Made a valuable contribution to society

Information on our 2018 inductees:


Marie Bradley:   Secretary – Assistant Principals and Athletic Director

SRHS Years of Service: 1960 - 1986 


Marie Bradley spent 26 years at San Rafael High as the Secretary to the Assistant Principals and Athletic Director. Marie considered San Rafael her family as it was more than a job. She got along well with and knew everyone, as she was at the hub of all activity.  When asked what she is most proud of Marie said that, “Kids asked for advice…I had a lot of fun with the kids, didn’t have to teach them anything except respect…I treated the kids as I wanted someone to treat my children.” She continued, “I had fun, it was a fun job…I was a friend to all.”


Others describe Marie as supportive, dependable, trustworthy and simply a good person who created a welcoming environment for all. “She always had a smile and if you needed something, Marie was the one to ask.” She was truly an asset to the school!


Marie proudly recalls using the typewriter, and maintaining the mimeograph machine and many of the other, now antiquated machinery. Computers were first introduced to the school the year after she left. When not in the office one might find Marie outside supporting boys and girls athletics. She spent a lot of time working with Coach Muster and his football program. She also gave time and support to baseball, softball, basketball and wrestling. Being with kids was what most inspired Marie.


Upon retiring Marie volunteered for 21 ½ years at the Petaluma Valley Hospital Auxiliary, and also spent time volunteering for Petaluma Hospice.  She loved traveling with her husband, Paul, who died in 1992. 


Marie Bradley grew up in Mill Valley and graduated from Tamalpais High.

Marie has four children, five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Her husband Paul was a graduate of SRHS Class of 1936, and in a few years two of her great grandchildren will start SRHS. Marie currently lives in Rohnert Park and was happy to share that she just celebrated her 92nd birthday, the day she was chosen for this honor.



John C. Curtin:       Educator – Social Studies & History

SRHS Years of Service: 1957 – 1967


John (Jack) Curtin, an only child, grew up in Fulton, New York until age 14 when he and his mom moved to San Francisco.  He attended St Joseph’s Military Academy in Fulton NY for elementary school, and attended Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory High School. He got his BA at San Francisco State, graduating in 1956, and continued for a 5th year to obtain his teaching credential, and he earned his PhD.  at UC Berkeley in 1970. 


Jack spent 10 years at San Rafael High in the Social Studies Department. There he taught Social Studies/World History, US History, Philosophy, and Government. He was also the department chair and was known as one of the instruments of change at San Rafael. 


Jack had tremendous impact on his students.  As stated in his nomination, “From the moment the bell rang until the last second of his class, students were captivated by his unbelievable ability to make learning fun, which was enhanced by Jack’s sense of theatrics.“  “He was the first teacher that instilled in me the love of learning, and that not all history and ideas are perfect.”  Jack was also known for taking a personal interest in his students. He employed the Socratic method in getting his students to look beyond rote dates, places and events, and to understand why things did or did not happen.


His passion for teaching reached far. While at SRHS he also taught Freshman Sociology classes at College of Marin. He left SRHS to accept a position at San Francisco State College teaching Social Science. The Ford Foundation hired him away from College of Marin to teach at San Quentin State Prison where he taught college level Sociology to the inmates. He started the Criminal Justice Program in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at SF State University where he served for many years as Dean. He taught both undergrad and graduate level courses, and he authored three books.


Jack currently lives in Novato with his second wife Shay. His two daughters also attended SRHS, as did two of his three grandchildren. Today he spends most of his time reading, listening to music and watching old movies.




Information on our 2017 inductees:

Allan S. Barahal
The Longshoreman Teacher, SRHS Years of Service: 1960-1979


Allan Barahal was a history, government, humanities and philosophy teacher with the San Rafael City Schools for 21 years, 19 of which were at San Rafael High School, and two at Madrone. He is an example of an educator who successfully intertwined his life experiences with that of his teaching to give students a more enriched understanding of the world they would enter as adults. Allan’s daughter, Rachel, best describes her father as, “Engaging and charismatic, my dad brought his history, philosophy and humanities classes to life. His concern for every student’s future and his dedication to teaching made ‘Uncle Al’ one of San Rafael High’s most beloved teachers.”


Allan, born in 1920 in Toledo, Ohio, the first and only son of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, grew up during the Great Depression in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from Wayne State University, in 1940, with a BA in history and attended graduate school at Harvard University.  WWII changed Allan’s plans! He joined the Merchant Marines and worked the ships form 1942-1945, sailing all over the world. After the war Allan met his wife, Anabel, in 1946. When entering a Detroit, Michigan hotel for a pre-arranged wedding celebration their witness, an African American, was denied admittance. They stormed out and as a result they led the way, along with the National Maritime Union, in picketing the restaurant non-stop until the restaurant finally gave in. This action led to the breaking of the color line at all hotels and restaurants in Detroit. Allan and Anabel later settled in San Francisco where Allan worked at Simons Mattress factory and joined the ILWU to become a Longshoreman and warehouseman on the San Francisco docks. In 1960 he left the docks and got his teaching credential from U.C. Berkeley. His life’s experience became an integral part of his teaching, and his many student followers remember his passion for helping others and standing up for what he believed was not right in the world. Allan has referred to himself as the, “The Longshoreman Teacher,” as this is how many of his students remember him.  His lessons were alive with the passion and zest he has for life and helping others. One student described Allan as, “A rare teacher who opened his door to students, all students, not just those formally in his classes.” “His room felt like a safe place, a place for discussion, conversation, and a place to build the friendships so important during teenage years. His wit, his humor and also his wisdom shone for all of us.” He remains today as a very well respected and admired teacher.


Allan has two adult children, Jed and Rachel, who are graduates of San Rafael High School. He currently lives in Ukiah, CA with his wife, Anabel, of 71 years.



Ed Cunningham
Teacher of English & Latin, SRHS Years of Service: 1962 – 1996


Ed Cunningham walked the halls of San Rafael High School for 34 years.  While he mainly taught English at all grade levels and ability levels, other assignments included Latin, Physical Education, and Humanities/Philosophy. His commitment to students was at the core of all he did, and his legacy is respected to this day.


Ed graduated from Gonzaga University in 1959 with a B.A. in philosophy and a minor in classics.  He went on to receive his M.A. in English from Dominican in 1966.  He was awarded an NDEA summer grant to study and design Advanced Placement (AP) English program, which he subsequently introduced into the district’s high school curriculum. Over the years, Ed’s desire to continue to expand his depth of knowledge in education led him to participate in several study and collaborative programs. This included: Spending a half-year sabbatical studying elective English programs in California and England; In the 1970s in collaboration with other teachers, including Allan Barahal, he helped to establish NEXUS, a school-within-a-school for juniors and seniors from San Rafael and Terra Linda High Schools; On a summer Fulbright he studied in Rome and Naples; And a National Endowment Award Grant took him back to London where he mainly studied Charles Dickens and the Illustrated Novel.


Ed was passionate about his teaching and working with his students to ensure they succeeded. One student struggling to deal with personal challenges at home, flunking English, and pretty much giving up, describes how Mr. Cunningham worked with her to pass his class.  She states, “He gave me hope that I could climb back to a place of academic success in English and in general.” Thanks to his encouragement and support, this student went on to graduate from U.C. Berkeley and later earning an MBA and realizing her own company.


Ed was also actively involved, professionally, outside of the classroom. This included member of: The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), The National Council of Teachers for English (NCTE), National Council of Teacher of English (CATE), the Central California Council of Teachers of English (CCCTE), and the Curriculum Commission that plans the annual Asilomar Conference for English teachers.  


Since retiring Ed has worked for more than five years at San Quentin State Prison, and for seven years at St. Anselm Grammar School, teaching 7th & 8th Grade Religion. In 1999, he was ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church, and he presently serves at St. Anselm Church.  


This August, Ed and his wife, Catherine, will have been married for 55 years.  They continue to live in San Anselmo where they raised their two daughters, Teresa and Carol, and can now boast they have five grandchildren. 



2018 honorees were Marie Bradley, Secetary - Assistant Principals & Athletic Director 1960 - 1986 and John C. Curtin, Educator - Social Studies & History 1957 - 1967


2017 honorees were Allan Barahal, The Longshoreman Teacher 1960-1979 and Ed Cunningham Teacher-English & Latin 1962-1996


2016 honorees were Beverley Tanem, Teacher and Volunteer 1971-Present and Tom Untermann, Alumni-Class of 1965, and Supporter 1965-Present

2015 honorees were Robert Carrasco, Spanish Teacher and Friend 1961-1990 and MarieGoff-Tuttle, French Teacher and Mentor 1971-1999 and Robert Muster, Physical Education Teacher and Football Coach 1958-1989
2014 honorees were Sue-Ann Joy, Teacher, Guidance Counselor & Volunteer 1968-Present and posthumously, Rebecca (Becky) Mangiardi, Library Clerk & Student Mentor 2000-2010
2013 honorees were Natu Tualagaloa, Class of 1984 and Bill Monte, Class of 1957.
2012 honorees were Patti Garbarino (Class of '73) and posthumously, Paul Miller (Athletic Director '32-'57 and Math Department '57-'73).
Other past honorees have included Angelo Colombo, Hugo Rinaldi, Rich and Dolly Nave and Terry Summa, Mario Ghilotti and Byron Jones.
May 2009 saw the inauguration of the Hall of Honor, which was created to pay tribute those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to San Rafael High, and have had an enormous life-long impact on our students. These individuals have had a positive impact on the lives of our students at San Rafael High. There have been inspirational teachers, tireless parent volunteers, and even former students who have overcome great obstacles to create very successful lives.
The nominations open in January. The committee reviewing nominations consists of San Rafael High School administration, alumni, and parents. The induction ceremony is May. Nominees can be alumni, donors, volunteers, community members, staff, coaches (athletics, drama, extra-Curricular programs). Is there someone you would like to nominate? If so, check in January for the nomination form! Information is also sent to alumni via the SRHS Alumni Association e-news and will be posted on the Alumni Association facebook page.


To nominate an individual include the following information:


Recognition “Hall of Honor” Nomination Form 2018


Name of Nominee: ____________________________________________________


Street Address: _______________________________________________________


City/State/Zip: ________________________________________________________


Phone:_________________________ Email Address:________________________


Category: (Please check all that apply):

___ Alumni ___ Donor ___ Volunteer ___ Community


___ Staff ___ Coach (Athletics, Drama, Extra-Curricular Programs) ___ Other


Noteworthy contributions to San Rafael High From 19 _______to _______


On a separate piece of paper, please state the contributions this individual(s) has made to San Rafael High School that make them a candidate for this honor. Include contributions, impact on the school/program(s), time given, and what makes their specific contributions stand out. Include specific examples.


•* Criteria to consider:

* Have had a positive impact on students

* Improved the quality of San Rafael High School

Contributed time & energy to the betterment of San Rafael High

Are a positive reflection on San Rafael High

Made a valuable contribution to society


Nominator: ____________________________ Date: _________


Phone:__________________ Email:_______________________




* Nomination letter must be typed in size 10 or larger font.

* No more than two pages.

Additional letters are not necessary.

All applications must be received by March 15, 2018.

All nominations will be kept in our files for three years. We may request additional updated


Incomplete or incorrectly submitted nominations will be returned.

If you have any questions regarding the process please call event chair, Judy Colton at

   (415) 317-7333 or email at

This year’s Hall of Honor Induction ceremony will be May 2, 2018, 6 PM, SRHS Hayes Theater


Mail completed nomination forms to:

                             San Rafael High Hall of Honor Committee

                             c/o Glenn Dennis, Principal

                             150 Third Street

                             San Rafael, CA 94901

For more information contact the Hall of Honor Chair:
Judy Colton,

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