San Rafael High School

2015 Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony

Recognition “Hall of Honor” Nomination Form

Name of Nominee:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________

Street Address:  _______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:  ________________________________________________________

Phone:_________________________    Email Address:________________________

Category: (Please check all that apply):

___   Alumni                  ___   Donor                   ___   Volunteer              ___   Community

___   Staff                     ___   Coach (Athletics, Drama, Extra-Curricular Programs)               ___    Other

Noteworthy contributions to San Rafael High        From 19 _______to _______     

On a separate piece of paper, please state the contributions this individual(s) has made to San Rafael High School that make them a candidate for this honor.  Include contributions, impact on the school/program(s), time given, and what makes their specific contributions stand out.  Include specific examples.


  • Criteria to consider:

    • Have had a positive impact on students

    • Improved the quality of San Rafael High School

    • Contributed time & energy to the betterment of San Rafael High

    • Are a positive reflection on San Rafael High

    • Made a valuable contribution to society

Nominator: ____________________________   Date: _________  Phone:__________________


Signature:_____________________________             Email:_____________________________



¨       All applications must be typed in size 10 or larger font.

¨       No more than two pages.

¨       Additional letters are not necessary.

¨       All applications must be received by March 1st Nominations with a March 1st post mark will not be accepted.

¨       All nominations will be kept in our files for three years.  We may request additional updated information.

¨       Incomplete or incorrectly submitted nominations will be returned.

¨       If you have any questions regarding the process please call San Rafael High School: (415) 451-6237.

¨       This year’s Hall of Honor Induction ceremony will be on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 5:00 PM at SRHS Hayes Theater

¨      Mail completed nomination forms to:               


             Hall of Honor Committeec/o Peggy Pugh, Admin. Asst                                                     San Rafael High School, 185 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901


May 2009 saw the inauguration of the Hall of Honor, which was created to pay tribute those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to San Rafael High, and have had an enormous life-long impact on our students. These individuals have had a positive impact on the lives of our students at San Rafael High. There have been inspirational teachers, tireless parent volunteers, and even former students who have overcome great obstacles to create very successful lives.

The nominations open in January. The committee reviewing nominations consists of San Rafael High School administration, alumni, and parents. The induction ceremony is May. Nominees can be alumni, donors, volunteers, community members, staff, coaches (athletics, drama, extra-Curricular programs).   Is there someone you would like to nominate?  If so, check in January for the nomination form!  Information is also sent to alumni via the SRHS Alumni Association e-news and will be posted on the Alumni Association facebook page.

Past honorees have included Angelo Colombo, Hugo Rinaldi, Rich and Dolly Nave and Terry Summa, Mario Ghilotti and Byron Jones. 

2012 honorees were  Patti Garbarino (Class of '73) and posthumously, Paul Miller (Athletic Director '32-'57 and Math Department '57-'73).

2013 honorees were Natu Tualagaloa, Class of 1984 and Bill Monte, Class of 1957.

2014 honorees were Sue-Annj Joy, Teacher, Guidance Counselor & Volunteer 1968-Present and posthumously, Rebecca (Becky) Mangiardi, Library Clerk & Student Mentor 2000-2010


To nominate an individual include the following information:

1.  Name of nominee, address  (include city and state), phone number, email.  If nominee is deceased, include information on whom we can contact.

2.  Category: note if the person was an alumni, donor, volunteer, community member, staff, or coach (athletics, drama, extra-curricular, other).

3.  Date(s) of noteworthy contributions to San Rafael High.

4.  State the contributions made to San Rafael High School, including impact on the school/program(s), time given, and what makes their specific contributions stand out. Give specific examples.

5.  Your name, address, phone number and email.

Nominations should be no more than 2 pages. They are reviewed by the nomination committee (consisting of SRHS staff, alumni, and community members). The award-winning honorees will be contacted in April. The induction ceremony will be in May in the Hayes Theater, SRHS.

Nominations should be mailed, faxed or emailed to:

San Rafael High School                                                                                                         Attention: Administrative Asst. Peggy Pugh                                                                                  185 Mission Street , San Rafael CA 94901                                                                            Email:       Fax:  (415) 485-2345    Phone:  (415-451-6237)

For more information contact the Hall of Honor Chair:                                                             Judy Colton,