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2016 Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony


                                     Beverley Tanem                                                                 Teacher and Volunteer                                     1971 - Present


                             Tom Untermann                                               Alumni - Class of 1965, and Supporter                     1965 - Present

For their outstanding dedication and commitment to SRHS

            Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 5:30 PM               Hayes Theater

               Reception immediately following ceremony                  Reception sponsored by SRHS Alumni Associaton & WeAreSR! 

          For further information, contact Event Chair                  Judy Colton 


The Hall of Honor was established in 2009 to pay tribute to individuals who have made contributions to San Rafael High through various channels, including having had a positive impact on students; improved the quality of San Rafael High school; contributed time and energy to the betterment of San Rafael High; are a positive reflection on the school or have made a valuable contribution to society.


To be inducted into the Hall of Honor, individuals must be nominated and must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have had a positive impact on students

  • Improved the quality of San Rafael High School

  • Contributed time and energy to the betterment of San Rafael High School

  • Are a positive reflection on San Rafael High School

  • Made a valuable contribution to society


We are pleased to share that our inductees meet these criteria points and we are excited to welcome them as the Hall of Honor’s newest members!


Information on our 2015 inductees:


Robert Carrasco
Spanish Teacher and Friend, SRHS Years of Service: 1961-1990


Senor Robert Carrasco was a Spanish teacher at San Rafael High for 29 years. He is an example of an educator who gave to his students well beyond the classroom. He served as the Foreign Language Department Chair, and was an active leader and proponent for student involvement on campus and beyond.  Robert was always the consummate professional and a strong advocate for kids, doing whatever it took to for all of his students to be successful.


Robert ensured that learning the Spanish language included a strong understanding of the culture and Spanish-speaking people. As one student said, “His love for languages and the arts had a great influence on me and how I would raise my own family.” In addition to his work with students in the classroom, he founded the Los Picaros Spanish Club designed to give students the opportunity to experience Mexican and Spanish culture through field trips and guest speakers. His commitment to students extended to sponsoring a homecoming float and his club making tamales during the holidays. He also worked closely with students and their families by sponsoring trips for other school-wide venues and attending many student performances and activities. Furthermore, he led fundraising efforts at SRHS for earthquake relief in Central America.


Robert grew up in San Francisco. He met his wife, Kathy, when she too was a teacher at San Rafael High School, and they look forward to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year.


Marie Goff-Tuttle
Teacher of French and Mentor, SRHS Years of Service: 1971 – 1999

Mme. Marie Goff-Tuttle, a French teacher at San Rafael High for 28 years, made learning French a core part of her students’ development as global citizens. Her commitment to students was at the core of all she did, and her legacy is respected to this day.


Marie’s modeling and pursuit of excellence both within and out of the classroom made a lasting impact on students who left SRHS with a commitment to public service, a command of the French language, and a respect and understanding of what it meant to take responsibility for making the world a better place. As one student stated, “Ever have a teacher whose lessons span well beyond the classroom walls?  Mme. Goff-Tuttle was one of those for me…she not only helped me decipher the language of French, but often the language of life.”


As a native of France, it was equally important to Marie that her students have an appreciation and understanding of the French people and culture. She spearheaded annual fundraising programs to ensure her students had the opportunity to travel to countries where French was spoken and is credited as founder and advisor of the Québec-France Exchange Club. She was an advisor to the French Club and the founder and advisor to the Haitian Club and the Haitian Dance Club. Additionally, she was the founder and counselor of the French immersion camp in the Valley of the Moon, which occurred once a year for SRHS French scholars and students of other area high schools. She has received many recognitions and awards, including the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program; San Rafael Rotary Club Outstanding Teacher Award; California Foreign Language Teacher Association (CFLTA) National Textbook Award; American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Teacher Award; and Ordre des Palmes Académiques, Chevalier, which was awarded by the French Ministry of Education.


Marie Goff-Tuttle’s commitment to family is also to be admired as she has managed to and continues to this day, play a key role in raising her grandchildren.  She is not only an outstanding educator, but a legacy at SRHS and beyond.


Robert Muster
Physical Education Teacher and Football Coach, SRHS Years of Service: 1958 – 1989

Coach Bob Muster coached varsity football at San Rafael High School for 30 years, starting in 1958 and finishing with his retirement in 1989. No other football coach in the history of San Rafael High School has ever come close to that length of time. While his length of tenure with the school is admirable, it is his achievements with students on and off the field that are greatly commendable. His teams compiled a record of 155 wins, 116 loses, 14 ties and seven MCAL titles during his 30-year period.


Coach Muster is to be credited with launching many young men down the path to top football colleges and universities and then later onto the National Football League (NFL).  Many of these fine athletes are in debt to the coaching and mentorship of Bob, as are generations of boys in their families.


He was so well-known and admired in the football community that the San Jose Mercury News stated in a 2007 article: “Local fans, players' families, opposing coaches and cheerleaders got so used to seeing the familiar sight of Muster calmly strolling the sidelines in his trademark maroon sports coat that when he decided to call it a career in 1988, it was a bit of a shock.” The same article also included commentary from a former player, Quarterback Roger Sweeney: “’He's like a father to me,’ Sweeney said. ‘He's helped me not only as a football player, but as a person because he's just a real inspiration. I love him.’”


In addition to coaching football, Muster had stints coaching freshmen baseball, varsity track and varsity basketball. Coach Muster was also a teacher at San Rafael High School. He taught physical education, health education and adaptive education. 


Coach Muster and his wife of 55 years, Loretta, lived and raised four boys in Novato. 



2015 honorees were Robert Carrasco, Spanish Teacher and Friend 1961-1990 and MarieGoff-Tuttle, French Teacher and Mentor 1971-1999 and  Robert Muster, Physical Education Teacher and Football Coach 1958-1989

2014 honorees were Sue-Ann Joy, Teacher, Guidance Counselor & Volunteer 1968-Present and posthumously, Rebecca (Becky) Mangiardi, Library Clerk & Student Mentor 2000-2010

2013 honorees were Natu Tualagaloa, Class of 1984 and Bill Monte, Class of 1957.

2012 honorees were  Patti Garbarino (Class of '73) and posthumously, Paul Miller (Athletic Director '32-'57 and Math Department '57-'73).

Other past honorees have included Angelo Colombo, Hugo Rinaldi, Rich and Dolly Nave and Terry Summa, Mario Ghilotti and Byron Jones.


May 2009 saw the inauguration of the Hall of Honor, which was created to pay tribute those individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to San Rafael High, and have had an enormous life-long impact on our students. These individuals have had a positive impact on the lives of our students at San Rafael High. There have been inspirational teachers, tireless parent volunteers, and even former students who have overcome great obstacles to create very successful lives. 

The nominations open in January. The committee reviewing nominations consists of San Rafael High School administration, alumni, and parents. The induction ceremony is May. Nominees can be alumni, donors, volunteers, community members, staff, coaches (athletics, drama, extra-Curricular programs).   Is there someone you would like to nominate?  If so, check in January for the nomination form!  Information is also sent to alumni via the SRHS Alumni Association e-news and will be posted on the Alumni Association facebook page.


To nominate an individual include the following information:

1.  Name of nominee, address  (include city and state), phone number, email.  If nominee is deceased, include information on whom we can contact.

2.  Category: note if the person was an alumni, donor, volunteer, community member, staff, or coach (athletics, drama, extra-curricular, other).

3.  Date(s) of noteworthy contributions to San Rafael High.

4.  State the contributions made to San Rafael High School, including impact on the school/program(s), time given, and what makes their specific contributions stand out. Give specific examples.

5.  Your name, address, phone number and email.

Nominations should be no more than 2 pages. They are reviewed by the nomination committee (consisting of SRHS staff, alumni, and community members). The award-winning honorees will be contacted in April. The induction ceremony will be in May in the Hayes Theater, SRHS.

Nominations should be mailed, faxed or emailed to:

San Rafael High School                                                                                                         Attention:  Maria Rodriguez,  Administrative Asst.                                                                             185 Mission Street , San Rafael CA 94901                                                                            Email:     Fax:  (415) 485-2345    Phone:  (415-451-6237)

For more information contact the Hall of Honor Chair:                                                             Judy Colton,